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CreekStone Academy is your best choice in franchising because we make it easy as possible to get started.

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The childcare industry generates over an estimated $60 billion in annual revenue and supports more than 1.6 million jobs.

Community Contribution

You will be responsible for shaping the lives of future scientists, doctors and other successful professionals, starting from childhood.

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National Coverage

We have identified key markets for expansion. Become a single unit or multi-unit operator.

Included Training

Our classroom and on-site training will give you the necessary tools to operate a CreekStone Academy Early Learning Center.

A Well-oiled machine

We have been in business for over two decades and know how to ensure you have the tools you need to run your child care center.

Million Jobs Created
Billion in Annual Revenue
Million Teachable Children

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About CreekStone Academy

CreekStone Academy is an established leader in early childhood education and continues to innovate throughout the industry. Child safety and learning is considered to be a top priority throughout the organization. CreekStone Academy periodically inspects each center to ensure that safety and learning standards set by the organization are being followed. We understand that safety and learning are both key components to a successful learning experience. The CreekStone Academy quality inspection personnel are experienced and have worked in the industry for many years, often having 3 or more years of experience in the child care industry.

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